Easy HSK Stroke Measurement with the New Precision Digital Stroke Gauge

CNC operators know how frustrating it can be to get an accurate stroke measurement on HSK clamping sets.

With the new patent-pending, Precision Digital Stroke Gauge technology from Precision Drive Systems (PDS), more accurate stroke adjustment measurements are revealed without cumbersome calipers.

This easy-to-use, design is accurate to ±.001, works in any position and has a stable base that provides reliable, repeatable measurements without looking at the spindle nose.

How stroke measurements are simplified with the Precision Digital Stroke Gauge:

  1. Actuate the spindle tool release
  2. Place the gauge against the tool’s face and zero it out
  3. Set the gauge on a flat surface
  4. Check and compare the measurement displayed against the specification
  5. Adjust & re-check until the stroke is within tolerance

This valuable tool retails for only $299 and can be purchased online here. For more information, call PDS at 704-922-1206

About PDS

Since 1996, PDS has been the global leader in providing high-speed precision spindle motors, support and repairs for CNC machines in the wood, plastics, metal manufacturing and robotics industries. The company manufactures automatic and manual tool-change spindles and 5-axis heads under its own PDS brand and offers spindles from leading manufacturers Giordano Colombo, Hiteco and Spintec. The PDS corporate office is located in Bessemer City, NC. European customers are provided service by the PDS office in Lohne, Germany, with six other affiliate offices located throughout the world to assist and support their customers quickly wherever they need spindles or service. For more information, visit the company’s new website at spindlerepair.com or call 704-922-1206.

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