Yaskawa GA500 Series, 1/6 – 40HP Variable Frequency Drive

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The GA500 Industrial AC Microdrive is engineered to help you easily handle nearly any application. Sustainability, flexibility, and ease of use are all designed into the drive, helping you make complicated tasks simple. Offering intuitive interaction and world-class quality, the GA500 is the drive you can count on for constant, high quality performance.


  • Digital operator keypad and display provide local control and readout capability
  • Local/Remote/Start/Stop commands
  • Microprocessor-based control circuit
  • Speed Reference command
  • Reset command
  • Easy to remove heatsink cooling fan with programmable on/off control.
  • USB mini-B port for quick and easy PC connection
  • Non-volatile memory (EEPROM); all programming memory is saved when the VFD is disconnected from power.
  • 200% starting torque capability, available from 0 Hz to 60 Hz

Capacity Range:

  • 240 V single-phase, 1/6 thru 5 HP
  • 240 V three-phase, 1/6 thru 30 HP
  • 480 V three-phase, 1/2 thru 40 HP

Protection Design:

  • IP20/Protected Chassis (Standard)
  • IP20/UL Type 1 wall-mount kit (Optional)

Standard Output Frequency:

  • 0-590 Hertz

Optional High Output Frequency:

  • 0-2000 Hertz

Safe Torque Off:

  • SIL3, PLe

Adjustable carrier frequency:

  • 2 kHz to 15 kHz

Remote speed reference (speed command) signal:

  • 0 to 10 VDC (20 kΩ)
  • 4 to 20 mA DC (250 Ω)